05/15/2008 06:25 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Dear Al Gore, Forget Your Ex-Boss.

Dear Vice-President Gore,

I'm a fan. I deeply respect your tireless work on behalf of our earth. However, I can't help but wish you'd bring some of the determination and drive you have for that cause, to the cause of the Democratic party--both of which I think are extremely intertwined.

As you know, people are asking, "Where is Al Gore and his endorsement?" Many feel that if you--a respected heavy weight in the Democratic Party--would weigh in on the primary race (and at this point you obviously have no one to endorse but Obama), that it would certainly help the remaining group of reluctant super delegates and those who have yet to vote, to make up their minds. The stage is set for you to play a large and extremely important role in unifying this seriously fractured party so we can all get on with the most important task at hand and that is to get a Democrat in the White House. The lives of our military depend on it. The lives of innocent Iraqis depend on it. Our earth. Our economy. Our health care system. My God there is just too much at stake right now for you to continue to just watch the race like everyone else--something I heard you say you were doing in a tv interview last week.

I can understand you wanting to stay out of the fray. On the one hand Hillary's husband hired you for the biggest job of your life (at the time). And on the other hand, he played a large part in keeping you from getting an even more important, bigger job due to him sticking that cigar up that young woman's vagina and lying like hell about it. You, no doubt, have a long, painfully complicated relationship with the Clintons and I'm sure you'd love to not complicate it any further by coming out to endorse against your ex-boss's wife. But that's not how things are playing out and I think it's time for you to step up to the plate.

I'm sure you don't want your support of Obama to come across as sticking it to Hillary (and by proxy, to Bill). You're too decent of a man for that. And perhaps a few months ago, it might have. But not, now. Even though she's out there trying to get supporters (to help pay down her considerable debt----money that could be going towards the more all important national campaign), we all see the writing on the wall. Hillary is out there confusing the hell out of too many people for her own reasons.

At this point, most people (and history, I'm confident will bare this out) would see your endorsement of Obama as you doing the right thing by your Party, the American people and really the world. There's just too much at stake now for Hillary to carry on possibly turning so many Democrats into potential McCainites.

Stand up. Be our hero. Endorse Obama. Let all of the mamby pamby super delegates follow suit and let's escort the Republicans out of the White House so we can save our soldiers, our economy, our standing in the world, our environment and our souls.

Just do it.