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Jenny Davies-Schley

Jenny Davies-Schley

Posted: April 20, 2010 02:19 PM

Coloradans: Join Nelson Mandela in Making Education Worldwide A Reality!

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Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."
- Nelson Mandela

This week--April 19 - 23--is the Global Campaign for Education's "Global Action Week" in over 100 countries worldwide. Join Nelson Mandela, Kofi Annan, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Shakira, Angelina Jolie, Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper, Colorado Department of Labor Director Don Mares, numerous state legislators, most of our Denver City Council members and various community and faith leaders make education for all kids worldwide a reality by 2015.

More than 72 million children are not in school and 776 million adults cannot read, yet we know access to basic education is the key to ending hunger, alleviating poverty, slowing the spread of HIV/AIDS, and curbing violence and extremism.

Did you know?
• Children of mothers with a primary school education are nearly 40% more likely to survive to age five.
• For each additional year of schooling, a person's earnings increase by 10%.
• The largest contributing factor to reducing child malnutrition has been the education of women - even more so than direct food aid!
• According to experts, "Education is the best hope of turning young people away from violence and extremism."

By making it possible for all children to attend school, we will ensure that they will have the knowledge, skills and confidence to build a solid foundation for sustainable economic growth, peace, good governance and international security. Getting all our children to school is a moral and developmental imperative.

To that end, FIFA, the international soccer association, has partnered with the Global Campaign for Education to spread the message about the need for Education for All with their "1GOAL" campaign.

Global Action Week kicks off the 1GOAL campaign this week in more than 100 countries. Community leaders, teachers and students will come together to teach the "1GOAL Lesson for All" and stand together to show decision-makers that they understand the important role that Education for All plays in making our world a happier, healthier and safer place for every man, woman and child. We must convince worldwide leaders to take action to make this goal a reality.

This summer, the greatest soccer show on earth will offer additional opportunities to inspire the public and decision-makers to make "Education for All" a reality by 2015. Billions of people worldwide will be glued to World Cup matches hoping for goals. Let the stadiums of Africa be places for highlighting the relevance of education, let our schools be places for scoring goals against ignorance, let the FIFA 2010 World Cup be remembered for the great goal we all scored for Education for All.

Those who are taking part in this week's activities are already convinced that the goal of Education for All must be scored. The strategy has been worked out. The referee has blown the whistle, the game has started, the crowds are anxious for a goal. Let us get on to the ball, implement the strategies for Education for All with the sense of urgency displayed by a team that needs a goal to ensure victory in a vital game to achieving a healthy, safe and peaceful world.

Make an assist in scoring this very important goal:
• Call your U.S. Senators/Representative to tell them Education for All should be a priority
• Tell your family members, friends and neighbors to call their elected officials, too
• Join your fellow citizens from around the world in signing up for FIFA's 1GOAL Team at

Education unleashes the full potential of a people, making our world a healthier, safer and happier place. Join those of us in Colorado joining the Global Campaign for Education team this week!