09/03/2014 04:54 pm ET Updated Nov 03, 2014

Attention Golfers: September Is 'Take What You Want' Month

Why do we settle for the same old results? Is not that Einstein's definition of insanity.... Let's get better!

Let's do something different this September on the golf course. Instead of hitting a layup because we fear trouble let's go for the green. Instead of hitting a safer club off of the tee to avoid trouble right and out of bounds left... Let's hit the driver and force ourselves to actually execute a good golf shot.

The truth of the matter is I spend about half my time teaching golf on the course and the other half on the practice areas. I meticulously train my students to hit the shot that gives them the best chance to succeed at the highest rates percentage wise, but at what point does the student have to learn to execute the tough shots?

Hence my Initiative for all golfers this month. If there is something you want.... TAKE IT!!!

If you want the ball long down the middle of the fairway then hit it there. If you want to hit that green with the long iron or fairway wood then do it! There are millions of ways to fail and few to be successful. However, the odds mentally have to be even. You can either SUCCEED or FAIL. The proposition is Fifty-Fifty.

Don't stand up over your golf shots this month and think about how hard they are or if they are above your ability. Stand up over the ball and tell yourself "I want this... to happen and I am going to make it happen!" Just because you are a good hitter of the ball on the range doesn't mean your buddies let you drop the ball at your best drive down every fairway or let you have a green in regulation (Oddly some give putts... but that's a whole other can of worms).

This month we will control our golfing destiny. We will man/woman up and pull off all the shots that we hit on the range and never attempt on the golf course or continually fail to execute on the course. This month, September, we take what we want.