05/07/2014 05:47 pm ET | Updated Jul 07, 2014

Tidy the Desktop in Your Mind

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Today's Jeremyville Community Service Announcement is about decluttering our mind of the countless random thoughts that enter our head every day. If we file away or simply even trash our non-essential thoughts, worries or things we have no control over, then our truly important goals are clearer to see and easier to follow. This decluttering of our mental desktop helps to makes our day lighter and much more focussed.

I've found there are many ways to mentally unclutter: A daily routine for me involves making a list in my diary of the day's tasks, at my local cafe, and asterisking the important ones to do. Something as simple as a list helps the decluttering process, puts the important daily tasks into an order, and the non-essential ones become apparent and I see if I can simply say no to them or delegate them away.

Another way is to ruthlessly trash many thoughts or issues we hold onto, that are out of our control. Worry is one of the greatest causes of mental clutter I've found, and the days when I trash these thoughts, are some of my most productive and happiest days on this earth.

Like a clean and tidy desk at work often signifies an ordered and focused person, a tidy mental desktop is a precursor to a clearer vision, focus and direction in life.

Maybe your mental desktop is so cluttered that it's impossible to even see your table top anymore. Just start incrementally, daily, to clear a chunk of folders at a time, throw away, cull, until by week or month's end you have reached your dream of mental desktop nirvana. Then a daily gentle tidying is all that is needed.

Start some new, daily tasks to create healthy routines, and after a few weeks, these will become the patterns of your new life of clarity and focus.

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