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Jermaine Spradley

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From Gabby Douglas to the RNC: Remembering The Summer of 2012

Posted: 09/02/2012 9:00 am

Labor Day is upon us and with it comes the beginning of the end of the Summer of 2012. It's amazing how quickly the days go by. It seems like just yesterday we were planning Memorial Day BBQs, Juneteenth commemorations, and Fourth of July excursions. Now it's back to school shopping, fall fashion, and NFL Football.

But before the sun sets on the summer of 2012 - we wanted to take a look back at some of its more interesting happenings. From Gabby and Serena's awesome athletic exploits to our president navigating the murky waters of country-running and reelection campaigning, 2012 produced more than its share of unforgettable moments.

A few of our readers were kind enough to share their personal favorite memories from this summer, and we've put together a few of our own. Check it out below and feel free to add a few memories of your own.

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  • Gabby Goes For Gold

    What's there anything more exciting than watching Gabby Douglas become the first African American to win the Gold medal in the women's all-around Gymnastics competition?

  • Kewanda

  • President Barack Obama

    President Obama had his share of success this summer in granting deferred action to DREAMers and in scoring a huge win as Obamacare was upheld by the Supreme Court.

  • Decker Ngongang

  • Serena Williams

    After returning from a series of career threatening injuries, Serena Williams returned to form in a major way this summer dominating the All England Club, winning both Wimbledon and two Olympic Gold Medals.

  • Heart Break Que

  • Frank Ocean Shares His Secret

    We'll always remember the Summer of 2012 as the summer when Frank Ocean announced that his life's first love was a man. In a culture often tagged as hyper-homophobic, this was a huge shifting of Hip-Hop's tectonic plates.

  • Gordon Gartrelle

  • USA Basketball

    Nothing like watching Team USA dominate the competition on the basketball court in route to gold this summer.

  • Ivey McClelland

  • Oprah interviews Rihanna in Barbados

    In guilty pleasure news - who's eyes weren't glued to the TV as Oprah got all of the Rihanna related dish straight from the source. From her, at time turbulent childhood to her still being in love with Chris Brown - Oprah showed us a different side of Rihanna. And it made for great TV.

  • #Negrospotting Takes Center Stage at GOP Convention

    One of the more hilarious developments at this year's RNC was the #NegroSpotting hashtag that went viral during the RNC. With so few people of color at the convention - attendees began counting just how many they came across.

  • Hot Cheetos & Takis

    At this one after-school program in Minneapolis, the kids are given the opportunity to make music - so long as they first finish their homework. Clearly, these kids finished their homework because what resulted, was hands down our favorite song of he summer.

  • Seat's Taken

    During Clint Eastwood's cringe worthy performance at this year's RNC, he pretended to talk to an 'Invisible Obama' supposedly sitting in an empty chair next to him. The President's swift and graceful response little up the internet.


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