11/16/2011 07:53 am ET | Updated Jan 16, 2012

Shooting Costa Rica: Penalties And A Draw

I'm in Costa Rica, one of the few places in the world that doesn't have an army -- a place where the credo is "Pura Vida," meaning "real living."

During my last four days in San José it was constantly raining, but today suddenly there was a little sun out so I took my camera and ran out to see what was happening. I didn't really like the place that I had selected for photography before so I started to look around again, hoping to find something better before the rain would return.

This afternoon the soccer match between Costa Rica and World Champion Spain took place. The national team tied the champs 2-2.

Jeroen Swolfs is a freelance photojournalist whose Streets of the World project is taking him all over the planet. He plans to document life in every capital city on earth.