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Jeroen Swolfs


Shooting Suriname: Obstacles in the Jungle (PHOTO AND VIDEO)

Posted: 10/27/11 09:13 AM ET

Being Dutch, I feel a special connection to Suriname, which was one of our colonies until 1975. I was happy to finally be able to go there and check this tropical country out myself.

Apart from quite a turbulent history and political situation I had an amazing time in the jungle of Suriname as well as in the capital of Paramaribo and I met the lovely people who invariably shared everything they had to offer with me. These things give hope for the future.


In the photo I took I tried to emphasize the positive things about Suriname. There have been tensions between the several ethnic group,s but I get the feeling that in the end they all feel Surinamese. They will need this feeling of unity to maintain their beautiful country.

Jeroen Swolfs is a freelance photojournalist whose Streets of the World project is taking him all over the planet. He plans to document life in every capital city on earth.


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