OccupyDC? Occupy Alcohol

12/27/2011 04:16 pm ET | Updated Feb 26, 2012

Tank is 6-foot-4 and almost 400 pounds. He's one of the first big guys I've met that matches his street (or nick) name. Ever notice how most big guys are named "Tiny"?

Tank likes to drink. Beer, whiskey, rum -- anything with alcohol in it. Hell, if he could get drunk on 30 weight motor oil I think Tank would drink it.

Yesterday Tank got drunk. The cops were called. Tank came out of his tent. The cops arrested Tank and he went limp. That's what the protestors are taught to do when they're under arrest -- go limp. The idea being to make the cops work for their paycheck. I think they worked overtime when Tank went limp.

It took about a half dozen cops to pick Tank up and carry him to the paddy wagon. Tank wouldn't fit into the back of the wagon. So they moved him to a cop car. That's when it happened.

Tank kicked one of the officer square in the cajones. The cop went down -- obviously. Once they got Tank into the back of a squad car to transport him to the, well, the tank, he kept kicking and screaming. He kicked out one of the back windows of the patrol car. Not a good career move.

So why all this interest in Tank this morning? I don't mean to point the finger at Tank or what he did. The problem is alcohol. The problem with OccupyDC is alcohol and illegal drugs. I think just about every fight -- fist, gun, knife -- has had one or more of the participants filled with alcohol and/or illegal drugs.

C'mon folks. This ain't Woodstock. This is a movement to bring to light the greedy -- almost despotic -- behavior of corporations and their infiltration of Congress and the legislative system. Public drunkenness and the use of illegal drugs should not be tolerated by the occupiers of McPherson Square.

If this nonsense keeps up, OccupyDC won't have to worry about the movement being torn apart by the police -- it'll rip itself apart from the inside out.