10/26/2011 12:08 pm ET | Updated Dec 26, 2011

PHOTOS: Favorite Halloween Costumes From The HuffPost Editorial Team

Youth: a time you can imagine yourself growing up into anything you want to be. Halloween: a time to try on different personas, be it Xena, Warrior Princess (like my little sister, who once gave "princess" a whole new meaning with her homemade faux leather and plastic weapons look) or Jessica Rabbit, like this third-grader whose dream to be the cartoon siren for Halloween became a reality -- much to her adult horror (hey, it was rich material for the blogger she was to become!).

Whether our childhood (and high school, and college) costumes become the stuff of fond memory or later mortification, we all have that one outfit that made us feel like a million bucks. For me, it happened in second grade, when Mom made me a life-sized replica of my American Girl Doll, Felicity's, school outfit (which, I'm proud to say, was still being brought up with awe and reverence by female classmates at a high school reunion over a decade later).

And the one we wish we could forget (ok, so gold body paint and a scarf does not a Cleopatra make -- I was adjusting my top the whole night and perspiring weird golden sweat).

Here, the HuffPost editorial team shares their most memorable costumes -- and what their outfits meant to them.


Memorable Halloween Costumes