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Holiday Advice For The Single Woman: 8 Reasons To Enjoy It

Posted: 11/29/11 09:19 AM ET

Ah, the holidays: A time to reconnect with family, give selflessly to others ... and withstand the flood of ads depicting couples cuddling by the fire as they swap diamond bracelets and luxury car keys.

Instead of feeling down on yourself the next time Grandma asks you when you are going to give her great grandchildren, why not focus on why it's sweet to be single over the holidays?

PHOTOS: Here are 8 reasons to celebrate being single at this time of year:

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When you're single, you don't have to agonize over picking out that perfect, relationship-stage-appropriate gift, feel guilty because your boyfriend got you a watch when you got him socks (or -- the horror -- vice-versa) or put on a fake smile as you wear that oversized wool sweater he bought you that makes you feel like an itchy blob.


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