Valentine's Day #Humblebrag

02/14/2012 11:14 am ET | Updated Apr 15, 2012

The Internet knows you are in a relationship. Really. Everyone saw the vacation pictures and the late-night proclamations of love you two shared on your Facebook walls.

Today, with Facebook and Twitter feeds across America lighting up with images of candy, roses and slightly creepy teddy bears received from doting (or just obedient) significant others, Valentine's Day has never been harder to avoid. The Twitpic of V-Day swag has become the digital equivalent of the carnation every other girl in middle school received except for you.

Never fear: There is a way to make this right. Send us your favorite Valentine's Day Humblebrag (that's faux-modest boasting in Twitter-speak) -- even if you are the one doing the boasting -- by tweeting @HuffPostWomen with #VDayHumblebrag.

We'll make a slideshow of our favorites. Happy Valentine's Day.

SLIDESHOW: #VDayHumblebrag