Like the Giants Beating the Patriots, Can Obama Defy the Odds and Topple Hillary?

02/04/2008 12:23 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

At my son's basketball game last weekend, a father compared the upcoming Super Bowl to a battle between destiny vs. dynasty. Hmmm, I thought to myself, maybe the Super Bowl is also a metaphor for Super Tuesday. Doesn't Obama have a lot of similarities to the Giants?

No one believed that Barak Obama could make any inroads against Hillary Clinton as she steamrolled into the race as the anointed forerunner.

Both Obama and the Giants were considered the underdogs.

Like the Giants, Barack Obama gained grassroots support and achieved victories a little bit at a time.

Each success was dismissed as flukes and commentators pontificated that the Giants, like Obama, didn't have the momentum or talent to take on the other contenders before making it to the final stretch. Yet, Obama was able to beat John Edwards and the Giants outmaneuvered the Green Bay Packers.

Good judgment not experience prevailed. In the same way that Obama showed courage in denouncing the Iraq war, the Giants had the courage of their convictions to believe that they had the skill to lead the team to the Super Bowl even if others did not.

It is a battle of destiny vs. dynasty. Obama and Giants quarterback Eli Manning have less experience and flash than their dynastic competitors, former Super Bowl winner Tom Brady and former President and First Lady Hillary and Bill Clinton.

Ego isn't the defining strength of the team. As defensive end Michael Strahan said after the Giants victory, "We did it to prove to ourselves we could do it. We were stopping the best offense. Of course, they were surprised. We shocked the world. We shocked ourselves."

It is a victory for us all when the underdog can win. It shows the strength of possibility which is the underpinning of our great democratic system.

As Giants coach Tom Coughlin aptly put it, "every team is beatable."

Maybe Obama should wear a Giants jersey tomorrow for Super Tuesday.