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Jill Di Donato


Holiday Sex: Do's and Don't's

Posted: 12/24/11 11:32 AM ET

I'll never forget the Christmas I unwrapped a training bra in front of all of my relatives, and with all the teen angst and melodrama I could muster, threw the package -- ribbons flying -- at my mother. Pre-puberty, there was something profane about mixing anything even remotely sexual into the holidays.

In adulthood, I've found the opposite to be true. Why does no one tell you in some sort of advanced 18-and-over sex ed class, "The secret to handling your mother and the I-didn't-bake-at-all-this-year-again guilt and the dress that won't zip and the thing you accidentally said to your coworker at the holiday party is to have a lot of sex?

I know what you're thinking: Between stuffing stockings, pleasing (or just appeasing) your relatives, and getting the right Hanukkah dessert (jelly doughnuts, obviously) -- all without blowing your budget -- sex is the last thing on your mind this time of year. But I am here to tell you that you can, and it works.

In the interest of sharing this unspoken coping mechanism with the other stressed people of the world, here it is: my guide to holiday sex. I promise there are no dignity-withering references to bad Santas or naughty elves -- just a few tips on how to keep your libido (and thus your spirits) up in the days ahead.

PHOTOS: A Complete Guide To Holiday Sex

Sneaking Around Is Still Sexy
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One of my best times was on the cold bathroom tile in a boyfriend's mother's house with Christmas music blasting in the background. As we were unmarried, his family didn't find it appropriate for us to share a bedroom, so we had to sneak around like we were teenagers all over again -- except this time we knew what we were doing! The thrill of breaking the rules never gets old.


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