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How to Make the Perfect Brazilian Caipirinha (VIDEO)

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A while ago, the nice boys at Beco in Brooklyn, NY showed me a few tricks in their Brazilian kitchen. I learned how to make pao de queijo and caipirinhas (a sexy, Mojito-esque South American drink with lime, raw sugar and spirits). This might just be the perfect snack. I can already see myself... munching on pao, sipping caipirhinas and getting a great Brazilian tan on the beach... oh I digress! But that's what happens when you wander into Beco. The little bar/restaurant located just off of McCarren Park in Williamsburg is transporting! Check out our exclusive video to see bartender Daniel teach me how to make the perfect caipirinha:

For the total Beco experience, check out the full-length video here.

What's your favorite beachy cocktail?

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