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A Song About Cheney and Whittington

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I sorta took a Brokeback approach. I had my friend, and the co-writer of the song, Robin Eaton sing it, since I thought it had to be more manly. Listen here.

Dick and Harry

Harry Whittington, you better run, I'm counting up to 5
Harry Whittington, what have you done, you shouldn't have told the wife.

We've been coming here for 30 years
They thought it was for doves
But it was for love
Sweet, sweet love

Harry Whittington, we had some fun, we laughed, we danced, we cried.
But now you've changed, became ashamed, of our secret life

We've been coming here for all these years
From Nixon, through Senior, to Son
And it was for love
Sweet, sweet love

Remember the nights under the stars
I played my guitar, songs of world domination
And we cuddled up in front of the fire
We were more than just friends
I'm sorry that it has to end.
Harry Whittington, Now, I've got a gun, I'm counting up to 5

(jill sobule/robin eaton)