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Jill Sobule


Manhattan in January

Posted: 01/05/07 11:37 AM ET

The golfers are out. The Cherry Trees are blossoming. And, is it true that it is going to be around 69ºF this Saturday? Well, here is my almost happy song about global warming.

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Manhattan in January

Strolling along in central park
Everyone's out today
The daisies and dogwoods are all in bloom
Oh what a glorious day
For picnics, and Frisbees, and roller skaters
Friends and lovers and lonely sunbathers

Everyone is out and merry
Manhattan in January

I brought ice tea, did you bring the bug spray
The flies are the size of my head
Next to the palm tree, did you see the gator?
He looks happy and very well fed

Everyone's out and Merry
Manhattan in January

My preacher said, "now don't you worry"
The scientists have it all wrong
And so who cares, it's winter here
And I have my halter top on.

The surfers on Park Avenue
Avoid the old street signs
They're glad that they survived the plague. And how the sun does shine

By Jill Sobule/Robin Eaton