02/18/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The Obam-guration...Drinking Game!

If there's anything this election cycle has taught us, it's that young people can, and do, get involved in politics. Here's how!

During that most momentous of speeches...

Drink once for each:

- time the word "change" is mentioned

- time the word "hope" is mentioned

- time the word "audacity" is mentioned

- forced smile from a former candidate (primaries count - x2 for Fred Thompson!)

- FDR, Lincoln, or JFK reference. "Camelot" counts. So does "camel."

- celebrity-in-audience sighting. Double up if his/her seat is bad.

- cut-away to some regular person crying. Half-sip if s/he's misting up

- "dependence on foreign oil."

- mention of growing up without a place to call his own. The word "mutt," even in reference to the to-be-presidential pooch, counts.

- of the three I's: Iraq, Iran, Israel

- mention of how we're all going to have to pitch in and work hard and blah blah already not listening.

- use of the phrase "the last 8 years."

- coy wink at Barney Frank by any male in the room.


- you spot Alec Baldwin, pour a scotch. "Sip" heavily.

- Michelle's dress is demure: drink 1
a skirt suit: drink 2
a strapless number: make out with your neighbor

- you catch eye contact between the President-elect and the First Granny, sneak outside for one of your "really planning on quitting soon" Marlboros. If you're playing along in your parent's basement, because, man, it's hard to find a job now that you're done volunteering for the campaign, make sure to do this no matter what.

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