Tying Up Loose Ends on Election Theft

05/31/2005 03:30 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

When I returned to the subject of the "biggest story of our lives" a week ago, some of the web links malfunctioned (unintentionally of course). In addition, I slightly botched the facts of Bob Koehler's relationship with the Chicago Tribune and I want to clear that up.

Koehler writes columns which are distributed by Tribune Media Services, and there is no enforced obligation on the part of the newspaper's editorial page to run them, so for me to have written that the Trib "suppressed" Koehler's work was an overreach, a rap on the Trib which both preceded me and has been repeated elsewhere on the web. Fact is, the Koehler column I was referring to was distributed by TMS, then rebutted on the Trib's editorial page by an editorialist named Don Wycliff. then Koehler wrote a response letter which ran on the paper's op-ed page. You're going to get to air the whole thing out here.

First, the basis for Koeher's argument is found in his article "The Silent Scream of Numbers". Second, Wycliff's rebuttal of the facts cited there, an argument which essentially reduces the significance of the sanctity of national elections to about the same level as that of major league ballgames. Third, Koehler's letter to the Tribune in response to Wycliff. Fourth, "Democracy's Abu Ghraib", a meditation on the meaning of a stolen election.

There is so much more to write and to do about this. Read these links and your energy level will rise.