Star Wars Goes Blu-Ray at CES 2011

01/06/2011 09:10 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Jim Louderback Venture Partner, Social Starts, ex-CEO Revision3, editorial director, Vidcon Industry

Wookie wackos, Darth Vader dribblers and Stormtrooperettes are rejoicing in the streets of Las Vegas today, as their favorite movies are finally going to Blu-Ray.

That's right, the Star Wars saga is finally coming to Blu-Ray, which means nerd fests galore as the videos show up in HD.

For a complete look at the announcement, which oddly happened in the Panasonic booth, check out our video -- which includes even more from Panasonic.

They debut two new 3D camcorders and two televisions made from a single sheet of glass with iPhone-like designs.

Watch Star Wars Blu-Ray Announcement: