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Put Your Money On Violence -- A Rhyming Rant

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Joe Miller's men slap handcuffs on
Reporter asking questions.
And Paladino says if he's
Elected, some are destined
To be knocked flat
By baseball bat --
Then says it's just a metaphor.
But meanwhile sales of weapons soar
To folks determined to restore
America to pre-Obama.

The Brothers Koch spend millions on
Elections -- hope to silence
Their enemies quite peacefully,
But don't discount how violence,
Once in the air,
May whelp somewhere
Another cur like Tim McVey.
But meanwhile we remain blasé
That he or some new James Earl Ray
Would act out such a bloody drama.

Oh Sharron Angle says perhaps
The Second 'Mendment offers
The remedy for all our ills.
The Kochs draw on their coffers
To fund with not
A single shot
Defeat of all their liberal foes.
But meanwhile talk of violence grows,
Which makes a Boehner hold his nose
While loving all this red-meat drama.

Watch Angle, Miller and Mad Carl
Push extra-legal angles.
Their talk and tactics -- bully-boy
Encourage thugs. They dangle
The concept of
(If comes to shove)
The Right is right to break the law.
But meanwhile Boehner says, "Pshaw,
There's no real threat." And Kochs guffaw,
"How fools and goons help fight Obama!"