07/16/2010 12:17 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

In Search of LA: Country Rockers in the Big City (Photos)


Olin and the Moon

(Photo, L to R: Travis LaBrel, Pep, Marshall Vore, David LaBrel, Kyle Vicioso, Brian McGinnis)

Singer/Songwriter David LaBrel writes about heartache and love going bad, and you can hear his first 13 years in Helena, Montana in his songs' country gait, the pedal steel and the passing twang in his voice.

Playing with his brother Travis and old friend Marshall Vore, after living up in Sun Valley, Idaho, the boys made the move to LA in 2005. Since their song "Not in Love" was featured on the TV show One Tree Hill in January, the band finds themselves getting a lot of new female fans -- both teenage girls and their moms.

Playing July 31, Roots Roadhouse Festival at the Echo/Echoplex Club, Los Angeles


Welldiggers Banquet

(Photo, L to R: Jeremy Sage, Ben Reddell, Travis Popichak, Matt Campbell, Dan Russell, Charlene Huang)

Shown here with the kind of "banquet" his grandfather had out in the Texas oil fields, this honky tonk country rock band is headed by lead singer Ben Reddell and writing partner Matt Campbell, also from Texas. Ben moved to L.A. in 2002; Welldiggers was formed in 2004. Whether you feel like dancing all night, or crying in your beer, this band is always a good bet.