Mr. Limbaugh: The Record Snows of This Winter Are Proof of Global Warming

04/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Tuning in to Rush Limbaugh's radio show today really got my temperature to rise. He mocked Al Gore's recent blog in which Gore stated that the situation of Arctic ice melting may be worse than we thought. Limbaugh took issue with that and declared that this unusually cold and snowy U.S. winter is proof that there is no global warming. He also called those who believe in climate change "suckers."

I think it is proof that Rush Limbaugh is narrow minded and short sighted. He is looking at the world from his local, limited perspective with blinders on, not seeing the big global picture. Either that or he doesn't want to see it.

The truth as told by meteorologists is that there are some northern places in our hemisphere that are having a "warmer" than usual winter (ask Vancouver, British Columbia where the rain instead of snow has wreaked havoc on the current Winter Olympics). That "warm" air is pushing the colder air south to middle and eastern American states. That and El Nino, which is caused by "warm" temperatures in the Pacific Ocean, are creating a string of low pressure areas that are moving across the country in a southeasterly flow and then are swept up the east coast as nor'eastern storms in the form of snow.

Places like Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington DC are experiencing record breaking seasonal snow totals. Even the worst of climate change skeptics would have to admit that something is going on this winter. It's only the middle of February and Philadelphia has already surpassed the record of 65 inches in 1996 by over 10 inches (75.5). This is their snowiest season in over 100 years.

Combine these winter blizzards with the record number of hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, wildfires, mud slides, tsunamis, glacial melting, and earthquakes the globe has seen in this past decade and it doesn't take a genius to see there is a climate change happening. With all due respect to Climategate, we don't need climatologists and scientists to tell us that.

Who are we going to believe on this subject? Al Gore, who has dedicated his life to researching global warming and the environment or Rush Limbaugh, a pawn of big business and the financial backers of former President George W. Bush who did nothing to fight climate change for eight years? Perhaps these "fat cats" feel green energy will cut into their profits.

I would take Al Gore's opinion over Rush Limbaugh's in a New York minute. Problem is we may not have many minutes left if we keep debating this issue without taking action to solve it. We need to wake up now and stop polluting and start supporting green energy. Not only will this serve the environment, it will help our economy which has been drained by having to finance states to rebuild after being damaged by years of natural disasters brought on by climate change. Besides saving ourselves, Mother Earth and Nature will thank us for it.