07/31/2007 01:01 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

An Open Letter From the Candidates (as Imagined by PunditMom)

Dear "Mommybloggers,"

We are so sorry that we couldn't be at your cute, little ladies' soiree in Chicago last week. You know how hard it can be to fly into O'Hare in the summer time -- it can really throw the campaign off schedule with those thunderstorm delays.

We want your votes next November, we really do. But right now, there are just so many demands on our time from those farmers in Iowa and the seven people who vote first in New Hampshire, that we really couldn't squeeze in a few minutes for over 800 women with blogs that reach tens of thousands of other women voters.

Yes, we admit that a lot of us are attending the YearlyKos blogger convention this week, but hey, they're hosting a real debate for the Democrats! And they're going to have 1,000 bloggers, not just 800 and change. So that really is a different story.

Oh, and, well, we realize the YearlyKos is meeting in Chicago just like yours was, but when we checked our travel schedules, we saw we had to make a stop there this week to visit our grandmas anyway. So hey, what's a few more minutes here or there.

We sure hope that you ladies will find it in your hearts to support us, because we really do think you're swell. Please don't take it personally that we couldn't be there with you or that only Edwards and Clinton could be bothered to send a representative at all. After all, we know we can count on you anyway, and we want to spend our time with the "serious" political bloggers.

So you all run along now and have a nice time basting that Butterball Turkey you won at BlogHer while your kids are eating those Jello snacks they were giving away. You just leave the complicated business of selecting the next leader of the free world to the professionals.

Sincerely yours,

The Democratic and Republican 2008 Presidential Candidates