A Few New Things to Make You Happy

06/01/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Our bikini waxer shared some unsolicited wisdom with us this week. She was in the middle of doing her business when she started talking about how the little things in life can make a big difference. A sweet look from a loved one can make you feel wonderful, while an eye roll from a colleague can make you feel like crap. The wax lady also believes that our own seemingly meaningless actions can make a big impact. A little extra in your waitress's tip can make her day, and a snide comment to a strange guy on the subway can ruin his. Nuances, small changes, and brief moments can completely change your life.

That random conversation over hot wax made us think about all of the positive new things, small advancements and baby steps forward that have been happening lately. Some of them are truly life changing and others are simple pleasures, but they are all making us smile this week. We encourage you to take a moment this weekend to appreciate all the small bits of goodness in your own life.

#1 - America's Next Top Model is Full Figured

Finally! With all of the crap out there that makes women feel like they have to be toothpick-sized in order to be considered beautiful, Whitney's win last week was as refreshing as it was overdue. The best part about it is that it wasn't a pity win. Whitney really was the best model in the competition this "cycle" - the fiercest, the most stunning, and by far the best ideal of beauty in the bunch. And we have another clue that this new definition of beauty is catching on. England recently crowned Chloe Marshall as a plus-sized Miss Surry, and she will be competing in the Miss World competition in July. We are so happy to see women all over the world embracing different body shapes and sizes as beautiful.

#2 - Tasti D Lite Has Two New Flavors

Our favorite frozen dessert (and probably our favorite thing on the planet) is about to get even better. We hear that the all natural, low fat brand that already comes in over 100 flavors is about to launch two more. Thank you, Tasti D Lite, for giving us two more reasons to indulge in guiltless pleasure.

#3 - Gay Marriages in California

This one's not so little. The California Supreme Court ruled that same sex couples have the right to marry, and we are incredibly happy that California finally had the balls to take a stand and quit discriminating. It's about time that all loving couples are able to experience "wedded bliss," or at least have equal rights. Let's hope that trendy California will set this important trend for the rest of our country.

#4 - Frito's Pinch of Salt

We love Frito's and Lay's potato chips because they are all natural and only have three ingredients, each of which we can pronounce. However, after eating a handful of these chips, the salt tends to make us look and feel like a thirstier version of the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters. But Frito Lay has just introduced their line of lower salt snacks, called "Pinch of Salt," which are the perfect compromise between bland low salt products and the standard salt lick varieties.

#5 - Iron Man

We were one step from kicking and screaming when our man dragged us to see Iron Man. But we were shocked and pleasantly surprised to see that a movie that made 180 million dollars could also be unbelievably entertaining and this well directed. John Favreau is a genius and we applaud him for casting real actors who are passionate about their craft. They may be former drug addicts and go on kooky raw food fasts, but their performances were engaging and humorous and we thank them for making this movie--because it made us happy.

#6 - Godiva Chocolate Covered Pretzels

They may not be brand new, but we just discovered them and we are extremely glad that we did. Imagine crisp, perfectly salted pretzels covered in Godiva's milk or dark chocolate. They are the ideal combination of smooth, sweet, salty, crunchy, and chocolaty. We ate a giant bag of the dark chocolate ones over the past week and they did more for our mood than a bottle of Paxil ever could. So go out and buy yourself a pound or so of these gems. It'll be the best $20 you ever spend on chocolate.