11/05/2010 05:36 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Target Lost

When Target contributed $150,000.00 to conservative anti-gay Minnesota Candidate for Governor Tom Emmer, they quickly became a target of a boycott from the LGBT community and progressives.

More importantly, their $150,000 bought millions of negative impressions on social networks, and even more clicks to negative stories on every major news outlet in the United States. Their $150,000 tarnished a well crafted image that cost Target their trendy cutting edge image that young urban people loved.

Target also bought a losing candidate. Tom Emmer lost on Tuesday by about 10,000 votes. He was the first Republican to be defeated by a DFL candidate for the Governor's seat in Minnesota in 24 years.

Will Target's stupid move stop other companies from contributing to campaigns in the future. No way. They will just be sneakier about it.

UPDATE: A recount is underway, however it is unlikely that Emmer will overcome the gap.

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