06/26/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Prop 8 Decision: We Won't Back Down

The California Supreme Court ruling brings bitter news: Proposition 8 will stand. While we take some solace that the loving couples who did marry in California will stay married, an estimated one million more individuals have been denied that dignity and right.

We are heartbroken. But we won't back down.

Human Rights Campaign members from around the country have sent in beautiful images and messages of support in recent weeks. A new video we created expresses both our profound hurt and our fierce resolve to fight for equality:

Today's decision hurts, but we have known this pain before. Ours is a movement powered by resilience. Once again, we will turn our anger into action.

In fact, we have already begun. To secure marriage equality, we know we must broaden, diversify and deepen faith-based support. So with California Faith for Equality, we have been building a coalition of clergy and lay leaders who will lead a long-term campaign of education and action. We will help train them to make equality part of their daily ministries. We'll give them the tools to be effective spokespeople who can speak of their faith and their belief in equality. We will also work with them to expand our volunteer base.

It's all about winning hearts and minds so we can repeal this hateful marriage ban, once and for all. And it's not just California. We need to keep the recent momentum for marriage equality alive until every loving couple across the nation has the right to marry.