Brian Moran Takes the Lead Over Terry McAuliffe in Virginia

05/01/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Big news: A new Public Policy Polling poll today shows Brian Moran leading the Democratic primary race for Governor in Virginia. That's despite McAuliffe spending a half million dollars, hiring 100 staffers and calling me an 'ass.'

What this poll shows is that despite how much McAuliffe thinks this race is all about the money, in Virginia money isn't everything.

This race is really simple - do Virginia voters want to continue to follow the leadership of Tim Kaine, Mark Warner and Barack Obama - a leadership based on grassroots support from the bottom-up - or will Virginia be dominated by big-money politics and the people who raise it.

But, even though we got good news today, we still have a lot of work left to do. Terry McAuliffe has millions more to spend. And, he'll take it from anyone. Just last week, he raised money at a fundraiser hosted by a Republican lobbyist I debated who insisted on using the phrase "Barack Hussein Obama."

That's why all of us need to pitch in and do everything we can for Brian Moran. The first quarter deadline is today, I just gave my money and I hope all of you will consider a donation as well.

The poll details:

Brian Moran: 22%

Terry McAuliffe: 18%

Creigh Deeds: 15%

  • As many people like Terry as dislike Terry. McAuliffe's has 32% positive/29% negative while Brian is seen favorably by 34% and unfavorably by only 15% of Democratic primary voters.


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