06/21/2005 11:26 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Downing Street Minutes – The Story that Wouldn’t Die

Just wanted to update you on the results of my hearing on the Downing Street Minutes last Thursday.

We were forced to convene the hearing in a small room in the basement of the Capitol as the Republicans would not make any other room available to us. Then, the Republican Leadership scheduled 11 consecutive floor votes at the precise time the hearing was scheduled to begin. My research shows that this is more votes that have been scheduled at any other time in the last ten years since the GOP takeover of the House.

We did not let this disrupt our hearings, and we continued through the votes. More than 30 Democratic Members showed up. We received tremendous coverage, including C-SPAN, Radio Pacifica, Air America, the New York Times and AP. Hardball covered yesterday, Frontline covered tonight, and I believe Nightline will have a story on Thursday. We’re not stopping with one hearing, and I plan to continue my investigation. Let me know your thoughts and ideas for moving forward. In the mean time, feel free to go to my web site for an excellent video of my dropping off the 560,000 signatures at the White House and hearing excerpts.