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John Farr


The Best Food Movies, By Farr (VIDEOS)

Posted: 04/29/2010 1:39 am

Great movies help us explore the rich connotations of food in our lives -- how it brings us together (for better or worse), comforts us, and conjures memories of past events and associations. There's also a darker side, with food a potent metaphor for greed, gluttony and privation.

Predictably, great films with peerless food scenes abound: among them, Tom and the wench eyeing each other hungrily as they devour game in Tom Jones (1962), the glorious banquet that concludes "The Leopard (1963), the pie-eating contest in Stand By Me (1986), and the lavish feast created for Louis XIV in Vatel (2000).

My own top picks for food-themed movies were all released in the past twenty years, and most emanate from distant shores. So, let's take a little trip around the world.

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Food on Film
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"Babette's Feast" (1988)
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First stop: Denmark, and a quiet, lustrous gem called "Babette's Feast" (1988). Based on a story by Isak Dinesen, and directed by Gabriel Axel, this is a fable of two aging sisters who've given their lives to religion, never venturing from their town of birth. A young French woman named Babette comes into their midst and ends up performing an act of astonishing grace and selflessness. To celebrate the birthday of the sisters' beloved, late pastor, Babette invites them and a few other townsfolk to share in a magnificent meal, the greater significance of which soon becomes clear. (Don't miss the old general's speech at the conclusion- it is unforgettable).

-- John Farr
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