05/10/2011 06:20 pm ET | Updated Jul 10, 2011

Her Gaze/Su Mirada at Museo de las Americas

Gaze/Mirada: to look for a long time with a fixed stare.


"The Living Move: Self Portrait" by Kathy Vargas

Late afternoon, on the last day of a recent visit to Denver, Colorado, we headed from the architecturally stunning Denver Art Museum to Museo de las Americas on foot. As a Latino artist, I was determined to make it there before returning home. With our trusty visitor's map we embarked on our journey and were pleasantly surprised to be greeted by gallery after gallery as we strolled down Santa Fe Drive. After a healthy (you might want to cab it, if staying downtown) but well worth it walk, we found ourselves at El Museo's storefront entrance. The institution may be modest in size but quite grand in content.

"My grandmother used to tell me that when she looked at people she could see what they were made of, she saw people as tentacles of light and hints of transcendent realities. 'Women are seers, not lookers' she used to say."

This quote greets visitors as they enter Museo De Las Americas' front gallery. "Her Gaze" features impressive works from Graciela Iturbide, Flor Garduno, Kathy Vargas, Delilah Montoya and Yesika Felix. Individually touching and insightful, the work of these five fine photographers comes together in a seamless narrative that packs a great collective punch; not to be missed.


"Sed/Thirst: Migrant Campsite, Ironwood AZ" by Delilah Montoya

Museo de las Americas educates about the diversity of Latino Americano art and culture from ancient to contemporary through innovative exhibitions and programs. With the Latino population growing exponentially in Denver and wider communities, Museo plays an important role in building pride in the Latino community's heritage and promoting understanding among cultures. Other history and art museums in Denver cannot focus on one segment of the community in a sustained or comprehensive manner. Museo was created to fill this important niche in the cultural milieu.

Museo de Las Americas is open Tuesday-Friday 10am-5pm Saturday-Sunday 12pm-5pm

Her Gaze/Su Mirada is on exhibit until May 27, 2011