Amazing Coincidences Between Phil Spector and Arlen Specter!

05/30/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Even more incredible than the coincidences between Lincoln and JFK are the uncanny resemblances between the genius Wall of Sound 60's record producer turned murderer and the stalwart Pennsylvania Republican senator turned Democrat.

Phil Spector: Until now, was always the biggest wacko at the party
Arlen Specter: Until now, was in the party with the biggest wackos

Phil Spector: Produced "Da Doo Run Run"
Arlen Spector: Was just told by his state party "Da Don't Run Run"

Arlen Spector: Was on a subcommittee on crime and drugs
Phil Spector: WAS a subcommittee on crime and drugs

Arlen Spector: Was always in with the gun lobby
Phil Spector: Was always in the lobby with a gun

Phil Spector: Got acclaim for having the Ronettes sing "Be My Baby"
Arlen Spector: Got in trouble for believing women could say "Abort my baby"

Arlen Spector: Almost ruined Anita Hill
Phil Spector: Almost ruined Let It Be

Phil Spector: Produced "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling"
Arlen Spector: Is being told "You've Lost That Limbaugh Feeling"

Phil Spector: Bizarre behavior pissed off traditional conservative punk Johnny Ramone
Arlen Spector: Traditional conservative behavior pisses off bizarre punk group, the Republicans

Arlen Specter: Has served 29 years and counting
Phil Spector: Will serve 25 years and counting