11/12/2007 05:39 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Writers' Strike Diary: Week Two

Week two of the writers' strike officially began today. Congrats to everyone who made it through week one. If history is our guide, only twenty-one more weeks to go.

As unions, generally there's little love lost between the writers guild and the Directors Guild. But so far there's much support from the membership of the DGA.

Still, this from a director who sees plenty of blame to go around:

Right now I am so angry about this (strike). At all sides. The WGA for not doing everything possible to stay at the table; to bring in the biggest guns possible: Agents. The Mayor. The Governor. And whoever comes after that.

I'm angry at the AMPTP for the impossible and mean spirited deal they have offered. Having seen what they have put on the table for the DGA...I can understand the rage.

The Big corps that own the studios ultimately don't care about this strike. The artist is an annoyance to the faceless giant. A blip. They have the resources to never let up. Rather than celebrate each side as our partners, we are being marginalized. This is sending the same message to DGA and SAG. 'We don't care.' 'The quality of what you do is not important to us.' 'Your contribution does not matter.'

There will be no victory here. For anyone. Not even for the future generations of writers that this is supposedly for. Not for directors and actors. Not for the ten of thousands of below the line members that actually physically make our shows and movies. There will be a wasteland of TV biz left behind. Out of that something new will come, but 'new' doesn't always mean 'better.'

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