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John Seed

John Seed

Posted: December 1, 2010 01:13 PM


Above: The lively chaos of artist Lisa Pressman's studio reflects her creative energy

Looking into an artist's studio is a bit like opening a friend's refrigerator: you are going to learn a lot about them very quickly Since I began blogging on the topic of painters and their palettes I have been floored by the variety of materials my artist friends use, and have also been seduced by the allure of their creative spaces. In this slideshow, there is a painting for every taste and an intimate array of palettes, and studio shots. Looking it over myself, I couldn't help thinking that looking over this slideshow is like eating a 10 course meal prepared by 10 great chefs who let you glimpse their kitchens. Enjoy

PS: If you get addicted to these, check out artist Farrell Brickhouse's "Tables, Shelves and Palettes" on Facebook.

Lisa Adams: In Advance of Aberrancy
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Lisa Adams
"In Advance Of Aberrancy," 2009
oil on panel
48 x 60 inches
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