What Makes Pastor Steve 'Boycott-Gay-Loving-Starbucks!' Andrew Foam? (VIDEO)

02/10/2012 01:42 pm ET | Updated Feb 02, 2016

2012-02-08-closetedmuch.jpgOur friends at Believe Out Loud want you to know of the virtual thank-you card for which they're currently collecting signatures. Titled "Thank Starbucks for Welcoming LGBT Marriages," the card sends thanks to Starbucks for its recent decision to join more than 100 businesses in welcoming LGBT marriages in the state of Washington.

You can read all about it in BOL's Feb. 7 blog post, "Christian? Don't Boycott Starbucks, Thank Them!" (For more background on what's happening with the legalization of gay marriage in Washington, see the Reuters article, "Gay marriage foes to fight expected Washington State law.")

Concurrent with this story, you may have heard how last week, USA Christian Ministries called upon all Christians to boycott Starbucks, given that (according to their press release announcing the boycott) "Starbucks hates God" and that "[h]omosexual 'laws' remove Americans' Christian freedom," and that "Starbucks is against our Founding Fathers and God's liberty," and so on.

What you may not yet know is that USA Christian Ministries consists of exactly one person: pastor Steven Andrew. (Shades of "George Michael hospitalized: Christians For a Moral America praying for his death!") Pastor Steven (as he apparently likes to be known) and his "organization" are so obscure that, even though stories of USA Christian Ministries' boycott of Starbucks spread like wildfire across the Internet, the "group's" Facebook page still has only 34 members.

It's almost sad.

Speaking of sad, below is Pastor Steven talking about God and America and values and stuff. As we listen to him, let us take a moment to ponder the deep and almost impenetrable mystery of what exactly it might be about the gay issue that so fixates him.