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Timelapse Video: Gregory Siff Paints Mural for Project Angel Food's GET ART 4

Posted: 05/31/11 01:12 PM ET

Los Angeles street artist Gregory Siff spent Sunday painting a wall inside the Siren Studios Towers in Hollywood. Gregory is one of the artists whose work will be up for auction at GET ART 4, a Project Angel Food event, this Saturday night June 4th, at Siren Studios near Sunset and Gower. (

Gregory is having a great year already, fresh off painting the esteemed De La Barracuda wall on Melrose and back-to-back art shows at LAB ART and Maximillian Galleries at the Sunset Marquis Hotel.

Here is Gregory's signature style of small squares spread out over a full day in less than two minutes. The impressive Siren Studios at Sunset and Gower is a very hopping place. Besides bustling production, at a minute and a half in, you can glimpse a wedding party passing through. (Watch it on YouTube here.)

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