07/06/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Ohio Underdog: Surya Yalamanchili Wins Primary for U.S. House (VIDEO)

In a race that drew national attention in its closing days over allegations of race-baiting and conspiracies, the winner of the Democratic Primary for U.S. Representative in Ohio's 2nd Congressional District is political newcomer Surya Yalamanchili. Yalamanchili, or "Chili" as he is also known as, is 28 years old, was one of the youngest brand managers in Proctor & Gamble's history, and gave up employment to run for office full-time on a threadbare campaign out of his condo.

Yalamanchili will now challenge U.S. Representative Jean Schmidt in November for her House seat. While the political establishment has already taken a dim view of his chances, Yalamanchili has already exceeded expectations in winning the party nomination, and has the networking ability you might expect from someone who worked at LinkedIn. Besides, he was on "The Apprentice," and those people are hard-core.

Here is Surya's speech Tuesday night upon hearing that his opponent David Krikorian had conceded the election.