04/26/2012 05:23 pm ET Updated Jun 26, 2012

Hey Procter & Gamble, What Happened to Dad?

Was there some sort of apocalyptic event that wiped out all the dads from the planet?
It sure seems that way, at least in the eyes of Procter & Gamble. Their latest tear jerker of a commercial, centered around this year's upcoming Summer Olympics, has omitted one thing: Dad. What happened to him we will never know, but one thing is for certain -- he is nowhere to be found in this commercial.
I'm not one to normally get bent out of shape over a stupid commercial. I get it, moms do most of the shopping so companies target them. They would be crazy not to. But to run something like this is just wrong.
Where the hell is dad?  
Did he go to work, did he die, is he sleeping, is he in his recliner chugging beers while watching sports on TV? We know one thing while watching this ad, he is not taking his kid to a practice or watching them compete. That is mom's job.
Dad won't be there to wipe away their tears after a tough loss or swoop them over his head after an incredible win. Mom can handle it, just like she can the cooking, cleaning and whatever else she does around the house to make the family go.
In my family, that's me. A dad of all people. I'm shuttling the kids to various activities and coaching them in baseball this spring. I guess to Procter & Gamble that doesn't matter. To the two little ones I do it for, I'm sure it means everything in the world to them.
Don't get me wrong, we all want to thank mom for the amazing job that she does, it really is thankless at times. While it would be nice to see at least the hint of a dad in this ad, I am not going to plead to the higher ups at Procter & Gamble to get that done. As a dad myself, I know how important we are in our kids lives. If I want to see the power of what a dad can do to help his Olympian kid out, I will just watch this:
Thank you mom AND dad.
See Procter & Gamble? We can be there too when our kids need us the most.