The Loss of Vernon Forrest and 21 Unthinkable Days

08/27/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

First an acquaintance, Steve McNair (July 4th), then a dear friend, Arturo Gatti (July 11th) and now my boy, Vernon Forrest (July 25th) are all gone... three senseless murders in 3 miserable weeks.

To say that Vernon is an intelligent, generous and loyal person is a disservice. He is all of that and so very, much more.

Vernon is not the dumb, gun slinging, self-absorbed professional athlete that some people will quickly dismiss him as. College educated, founder of Destiny's Child group home that shelters and serves mentally challenged people and a 5-time world champion boxer are just a few of the accomplishments that make him such a special human being. (I apologize but I cannot bring myself to speak of Vernon in the past tense).

I do not have words to adequately honor my friend; nor can I describe the utter despair and crushing loss that I feel.

Overlook my pain and tears and please remember that each of these young men have children that truly adore them.

How does anyone console them?

GOD, we so desperately need you!!!!