(Alpha) Rev Your Engines: Austin Band Brings Substance to the Pop World

08/03/2010 02:30 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

In a pop world dominated by weightless lyrics about Popsicle stickin' "California Gurls," bed hopping (I'm talking to you Taio Cruz) and endless Justin Bieber fever (say "Baby" one more time), it's so refreshing that Austin's Alpha Rev has broken through with their deeply meaningful, heavy yet airy brand of pop rock with indie soul.

Singer/songwriter Casey McPherson founded the band in 2005 after the breakup of his previous band Endochine, and they've gradually gotten notoriety since. This year, however, was their break through. "New Morning," the title track off their spring-released debut album, has been on heavy rotation on radio stations and VH1 this summer, and that momentum propelled them to a nice slot opening up for "Apologize" hitmakers One Republic this summer.

The next single for the band, which also includes Derek Dunivan (guitar), Tommy Roalson (drums), Dave Wiley (cello), Alex Dunlap (bass), Brian Lewis Batch (violin) and Derek Morris (keyboards), is "Phoenix Burn," a brutally honest song which features the profound lyric "I need a peace with understanding, trying to find a softer landing." The song has already appeared on several television shows and is on the soundtrack for the recent Nicolas Cage clunker The Sorcerer's Apprentice. Rev have made it a habit of having their songs appear in films or on television in recent years, including tunes on Greek, Brothers & Sisters, and The Last Song. Their track "Colder Months," in particular, has been showcased on VH1's promos for The OCD Project.

But enough about soundtracks. The band is making their mark by touring rigorously in support of their stellar album. Last month I interviewed the band in their tour bus parked outside of Mandalay Bay, where they just played, and found them to be just as honest as their lyrics. Oh, and they're extremely nice, funny, well-rounded gentlemen as well. Watch the interview below, and then see them perform an exclusive Huffington Post version of "Perfect Love." The track was recorded moments before a gig in Austin.

Vegas Interview:

"Perfect Love" exclusive performance:

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