12/02/2010 05:05 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Nothing's 'Hoff' Limits: Hasselhoff Talks New Show and Roasting Himself (VIDEO)

No one can roast or poke fun of David Hasselhoff better than David Hasselhoff. He doesn't need the help of the media or anyone cashing in on unintentionally viral video to throw him under the bus, thank you very much. That's the general sentiment the international superstar shared during an intimate, candid interview in his New York City hotel suite on Dec. 1 -- days before his new reality show The Hasselhoffs premieres Sunday at 10 p.m. on A&E.

"There are so many lies out there," he said moments before going on camera. "With this show, I can control that."

Yes, "The Hoff" said it was the right time to open up his home to cameras, because it'd give him an opportunity to present a more realistic portrayal of who he really is with no holds barred. He stressed -- and it's evident in series premiere -- that no topic is off limits, be it his alcoholism, divorce, or that infamous YouTube burger video. The driving force of the reality isn't solely to present a better image of himself, it's an opportunity to showcase his young daughters Taylor-Ann and Hayley and their pursuit of acting and especially singing careers. Hasselhoff realizes how his fame and experience in this cutthroat industry can be invaluable in helping his daughters achieve their own success, and will do anything to help them get there.

Boosting offspring aside, the show will also follow the actor on various new television and theatre ventures and pay homage to his extensive credits thus far. The universe knows the story already, but the 58 year old has been a stud in entertainment for over three decades -- from his days as Michael Knight on Knight Rider to those crazy Baywatch Nights. When not on the small or popping up in various film cameos (rent Dodgeball now), the actor has performed in various musicals, and is an icon in the German music industry. Mock any of this if you will, but he's laughing his way to the bank. Watch this unedited interview below, and laugh with him.

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