07/06/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Simply Magnetic! Semi Precious Weapons' Frontman Justin Tranter Discusses Tour with Lady Gaga and New Album

Justin Tranter probably knows it by now. How could he not? All signs continue to point toward rock and roll domination, and the lead singer of Semi Precious Weapons is just days away from another sweet taste in that direction. So, yeah he probably knows what's on the verge of happening.

As he plucked his glossed lips, and subtly-clicked his high heels together (yeah, you read that right), the Chicago native discussed going on tour next week with pop's reigning queen, Lady Gaga. For Tranter and SPW, it's their second "Monster Ball" tour of duty with Ms. G, but the first time they'll be doing it while in the midst of promoting their new album "You Love You" - which, of course, is fully supported by da Gaga.

While the band has a long, loving history with the artist formerly known as Stefani Germanotta (she used to open up for SPW back in the day), SPW have actually been building a loyal fanbase of their own...on their own for years. Rigorous touring and buzzworthy songs like "Magnetic Baby" (You know you downloaded it for RockBand2) have made for a legion of followers who haul ass to each show wearing little, dancing a lot, and making for likely some of the finest moments in androgynous rock music scene history.

From a swanky Queens hotel, I spoke with Tranter on everything I just wrote about, his burgeoning jewelry line (Fetty), and what the future holds for SPW.

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