09/15/2010 03:24 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Reggie Bush Gets it Right, Finally

Finally, Reggie Bush got it right.

His decision Tuesday to give back his Heisman Trophy was not only smart, it was necessary.

Here's why the New Orleans Saints running back needed to do this now.

Bush's preemptive act is a first step to repairing his public image, which could not be more in the gutter. His involvement with convicted felon Lloyd Lake was shameful. It not only exposed his and his family's greed, it changed the course of the USC football program. It will spend years digging out of a canyon-sized hole caused by the Bush case while he makes millions in the NFL.

The university wants nothing to do with Bush, removing his No. 5 jersey from the LA Coliseum where the Trojans play their home games. The school is so disgusted with him they sent back a replica of the Heisman they had displayed on campus.

I wonder if they sent it COD.

Here's why Bush needed to act: all of these actions are in response to an NCAA investigation. We've heard plenty from them. We've heard from his former school. We've heard from Lake.

The one guy we haven't heard from is Reggie Bush.

Sure, he's given placid statements, only admitting the media speculation as a result of NCAA sanctions were "painful and distracting." No apology.

But how could he say he was sorry for something he hasn't admitted to?

Here's what we haven't heard from Bush:

  • What part, if any, of the NCAA report is false?

  • Did you take cash and gifts from Lake's agency, New Era Sports?

  • If so, why?

  • Did you know what you were doing was wrong?

A lawsuit with Lake was settled before Bush could give a deposition. While this decision was wise legally, it prevented Bush from giving his side of the creepy story.

By not waiting for the Heisman committee to decide on what to do with him, he has done the best thing for himself.

For once in Reggie Bush's life, he is receiving good advice and listening. Now, it's time to take it one step further. Defend yourself, Reggie. Speak.