Our New Ad on Bob Schaffer's Shameful Record

09/20/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011 is back with one of our hard-hitting ads, holding public officials accountable on issues of importance to the troops and veterans. This time, we're exposing the dreadful record of former Congressman Bob Schaffer. Here's the ad:

Out of all those who served in Congress, former Congressman Schaffer's record after he left is one of the few that's even more egregious than when he served in Congress. Our veterans from Colorado point that out in the new ad.

First, former Congressman Schaffer used his name and status to aid an oil company looking to profit from Iraqi oil. In 2007, Schaffer did work for Aspect Energy to broker an oil deal with the regional government of Kurdistan, in Northern Iraq. That was despite the objections of the US government, which warned against any such dealings, because they would undermine the Federal Iraq government and Iraq's stability. The less stable Iraq is, the more dangerous it is for our troops in theater.

As one of our veterans says in the ad, "I went to Iraq for my country. Bob Schaffer went to Iraq for a big oil company."

That was just a continuation of a shameful record. In Congress, Bob Schaffer turned his back on our veterans, voting against funding for the Department of Veterans Affairs in Fiscal Years 1999, 2000, 2001, and 2002. Not only that, but he also voted against full funding of medical programs for the VA in 1998 - only one of 14 in the entire House of Representatives to do so!

The ad will be airing next week in Colorado Springs and Denver - just as the political world descends on the state for the Democratic Convention. So, everyone will see it. And, because of tremendous financial support in the past from people like you, we're putting $300,000 behind this ad, flooding the airwaves!

Be sure to pass this ad around to your friends and donate what you can, to help keep airing this ad and others. It's crucial that all public officials - whether still in office or not - know that we're watching them, and we will be there to hold them accountable.