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Jonathan Handel

Jonathan Handel

Posted: October 18, 2009 04:29 PM

SAG Interim Nat'l Exec Director Hired as Permanent

What's Your Reaction?

SAG's Interim National Executive Director David White just got the permanent gig and can drop "Interim" from his title. The vote on today SAG's national board, which began meeting yesterday and is still meeting today for a little while longer, was 70.91% in favor, I'm told, which suggests that a few of the Membership First directors joined the moderate coalition in appointing White to the job.

The appointment is well-deserved: Not only is White a calming and smart presence, but also he, John McGuire, Ray Rodriguez and others on the SAG team have built a record of accomplishment over the last 8 mos. or so, closing one deal after another, including, or course, the biggies (TV/theatrical and commercials). Now the work begins for next round of negotiations, which start in just under a year, believe it or not.


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