02/07/2008 01:45 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Barack Obama Must Sweep in the Coming Weeks

The only way to trump the Clinton machine is to put boots on the ground with precinct level organizing activity in the next primaries. Forget the opinion polls, (Arianna Huffington is right), and just move forward with all the money that's pouring in from grassroots supporters and spend it on the upcoming races in Washington, Nebraska, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, D.C., and Virginia.

If Barack Obama can sweep these states then the Clinton machine's advantage in Pennsylvania and Texas won't matter as much. A sweep of the states outside of Pennsylvania and Texas would build momentum for Obama that could not be stopped.

And then Obama should fight Clinton precinct for precinct in Ohio. Illinois is close to Ohio and Obama's grassroots campaign volunteers should hit hard in Cincinnati and Columbus and Cleveland and Dayton and Youngstown. I hope he pours his people into Ohio and saturates the state with his most seasoned organizers. Pin Clinton down in Ohio and make her spend money there. Ohio is the best state to bleed Clinton's coffers.

Sweep right now in the next couple weeks and then focus resources and energy on Ohio. Phone banks in every precinct and a well-organized ground game. Turn out, turn out, turn out! If the Obama forces can increase turn out by 30 percent or so they can overwhelm the Clinton machine.

Forget about Texas and Pennsylvania and focus on the other primaries, especially Ohio. Spend all the money you got now and worry about raising more later. Make the Clintons spend in states that they thought were in the bag. Keep the momentum going and bring on a brokered convention. Screw the pundits and the pollsters. Put your trust in the people who have sent in small donations of over $30 million in January. Onward.