10/03/2007 10:09 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Dana Perino, C'mon You Can Do Better!

President George W. Bush has ballooned the national debt from a paltry $5.6 trillion when he first took office to a whopping $9.8 trillion today.

He is asking the supine Democratic Congress for another $190 billion for his wars of choice in Iraq and Afghanistan, which the White House tells us are still "emergency" supplemental spending bills even though we're rapidly approaching the fifth anniversary of the Iraq occupation.

The yearly federal budget deficit is over $250 billion and the trade imbalances are setting records every year. There is no end in sight.

And today, our Dear Leader has vetoed a bill that would help 4 million American children at the lowest levels of our "booming" economy have access to elementary health care, saying it is "too expensive."

And after all of this obscene heartlessness toward American kids and profiteering on the killing of innocents abroad, our Dear Leader sends his cute little blonde Italian-surnamed spokesmodel, Dana Perino, to tell us these words in regard to trying to find a way to pay for the bloodbaths:

"We've always known that Democrats seem to revert to type, and they are willing to raise taxes on just about anything."

So the President of the United States responds to people who are concerned about how we are going to pay for this $750 billion occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan with a trivial, cliché partisan snipe? That is the best these people can come up with?

We are in deep shit for the next 474 days, 1 hour, and 54 minutes.