Hillary "Triangulates" Against Obama, Loses My Vote in the General

05/25/2011 12:25 pm ET

Hillary Clinton refuses to release her tax returns (which the Obamas have done long ago) and when the Obama campaign brought this fact up the Clinton campaign compared Obama's legitimate request that she release her returns to Kenneth Starr's inquest into the Clintons of the 1990s. The Clinton campaign brought up Kenneth Starr? That's a big mistake. Why would you want to remind voters about the entire sordid business of Bill Clinton's adultery? Hillary's now infamous fear-mongering "ringing phone" ad implies that she is vigilant and ready to start the presidency "on day one." But we all know, thanks to Kenneth Starr, the only one on the phone at 3:00 in the morning when Hillary lived in the White House was her husband having phone sex with Monica Lewinsky.

Hillary Clinton has been repeating the baseless assertion that she and her good buddy John McCain (a Republican war hawk tied closely to George W. Bush) are the "experienced" adults in the presidential race. She strongly implies that the 46-year-old Barack Obama, who has an impressive 20-year record of public service and more direct legislative experience than Hillary, is some kind of "boy" (or maybe a "man child") who is not yet ready to be president. The only thing Obama has, Clinton claims, is "a speech." Really Hillary? "A speech?" That's all Obama, the most inspiring Democratic politician in decades, has to offer is "a speech?" That's a pretty racist notion to be tossing in the direction of the first African-American candidate for president in U.S. history, and coming from a fellow Democrat, absolutely monstrous. Hillary and her Karl Roves -- Mark Penn and Howard Wolfson -- have just written the text for about a thousand different Republican attack ads we'll see this fall in the general election. Well done! Hillary's the best thing to happen to the Democratic Party since Joe Lieberman.

Hillary's triangulating against Obama is true to form for the Clintons. That's all they ever do: cozy up to the Republicans, cut off the progressive wing of the Democratic Party, and help push along the Republican agenda on trade, welfare, taxes, and corporate power. The Democratic Party has still not recovered from the Clinton failures to stand up to the GOP. Hillary was on the board of directors of Wal-Mart, one of the most anti-labor companies in the world. That's not much different than being CEO of Halliburton.

Now she, in effect, endorsed John McCain over Barack Obama in the 2008 election. It was both a shortsighted attempt at tactical advantage and a snub to Obama stating that he can forget about sharing a ticket with Hillary. How can Hillary ever join a ticket with Obama now that she has ranked him below the GOP's choice? The Obama forces won't be walking any precincts for Hillary if she gets the nomination. After her behavior this past week, I will vote for Ralph Nader before I'll vote for Hillary Clinton.