Not Credible: T. Boone Pickens Floods Online Poll With Votes, Brags About Results

02/23/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Around the end of December, the American Consumer Institute, which appears to be a fly-by-night anti-regulation group, posted a poll about The Pickens Plan on their website.

The official Pickens Plan account at the Ning Social Network page immediately posted a link to the poll, practically begging the (175,000+) members of the group to show their support by voting.The American Consumer Institute is hosting a poll asking the public if they support Pickens Plan.

This is an excellent opportunity to show that we do!

Please take a moment and participate in the poll. You can add your vote by clicking here.

Thank you!

Three weeks later, when the results came in, there weren't many surprises:

Over the last couple of weeks, we asked our readers whether they supported the Pickens Plan to achieve energy independence. And, here are the final results:

* 95% YES (902 votes)
* <1% NO (8 votes)
* 4% Partially Support (34 votes)
* <1% Undecided (2 votes)

Based on these results, our readers overwhelmingly support the Pickens Plan.

Imagine that. Not to be outdone, the flacks at the Pickens blog followed up immediately with American Consumers' Support for the Pickens Plan: Overwhelming!:

The organization "The American Consumer" did a survey to test support for the Pickens Plan. According to its website, 95% of those responding said they supported the Pickens plan in full.

Another four percent support portions of the Pickens plan.

Just one percent of those responding disagreed with the Pickens Plan or were undecided

This is intentionally misleading. Pickens has a bad habit of intentionally misleading people about the nature of his plan. Here are a few examples:

Originally posted at The Seminal.