Moving Pictures Move Left

06/17/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

It's 3 A.M and a there's a phone ringing in the White House. Somebody, of course, will have to answer that phone. Somebody with sound judgment and unwavering courage. One thing is certain: it won't be you. You're too busy -- too busy making crazy hot love to a partner with bone structure so perfect it's destined to make even A-list movie stars envious. How'd you get so lucky? Simple. It's because you're a Democrat.

Now there's a straightforward campaign message we can all get behind -- and the one at the center of Blue Balled, the premiere film from -- a new political organization founded by independent filmmakers in New York. By bringing the Indie community and political activists together, we're creating edgy short films and online videos that support the Democratic Party. They're being distributed for free on video sharing websites like

Our goal is simple -- engage young voters in an innovative and cost effective way, providing them with the sort of entertaining content that reminds them that being Democrat is "cool," the sort, perhaps most importantly, that they are willing to spread virally online. By supplementing the message coming directly from the party and campaigns, we're making sure we use every available method, and every new technology, to win back the White House this November -- and keep it. Through Election Day, we're planning on producing more than a dozen films in all genres, each with a bit of an edge and clever hook.

This past Thursday, over six hundred people joined us in Manhattan to screen Blue Balled, enjoy "Political Monogamy," an accompanying photo exhibit by Reka Nyari, and contribute so we can continue making progressive films and videos. Check out the film below, forward it to friends and visit our website today to get involved.