08/31/2010 04:01 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

10 Things to Do at Burning Man

Today marks the first day of Burning Man, the infamous gathering of freaks, fools and flashers that takes place every year in the Nevada Desert. Part hippie commune, part cyber rave, all covered in dust, Burning Man is a place where you go to discover the unexpected. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't have something of plan (besides what order to take your drugs in). Here's a small list of what we suspect will be worthy this week at "The Man." But don't be afraid to follow your own path, man.

1. Gin & Juice Bar @ Skid Row Camp
This group of Math graduate students created the All-American Biergarten in 2008. This year they return with the skid row inspired Gin & Juice party for the secret Snoop Dogg inside all burners. Malt Liquor will also be served for those who spiritually veer towards Eazy-E.

2. Elite Force
DJs love to play Burning Man, but apparently none more that UK's Elite Force who has a dozen performances scheduled under various guises in just four days. Check his full schedule here.

3. Cheezy Porn Camp
With all the naked people running around The Playa, you wouldn't think porn would be needed--but with nights dedicated to Big Hair '80s Porn (Tue), Pirate Porn (Wed), Fetish Porn (Thu) and that X-rate classic Caligula (Fri), you'll want to stop in for some of the VHS hotness.

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